About the workshop

The workshop "Fundamental aspects of DFT" focused on recent developments in density-functional theory, but with emphasis on theoretical and fundamental aspects (including formal developments) rather than applications. The aim was to spark discussions and collaborations that may advance the current state of DFT.

The workshop was hosted by The Centre for Theoretical and Computational Chemistry (CTCC) at the University of Oslo. The workshop was part of Prof. Trygve Helgaker's ERC Advanced Grant ABACUS.

The workshop was a great success, with 57 participants from 14 countries, 25 scientific talks and 16 posters.

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The participants at the workshop. (Click to download large image.)


The workshop talks have been put online, and participants of the workshop can access them via this page.

Book of abstracts

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The venue

The Norwegian Acadamy of Science and Letters (Det norske vitenskapsakademi, DNVA) is beautifully situated in Drammensveien, Oslo. The building itself is from 1887 and was originally owned by the merchant and minister Hans Rasmus Astrup (1831-1898). DNVA acquired the building in 1911 from Astrup's two daughters. With its beautiful rooms and decor, it provides a stimulating setting for scientific talks, discussions, and meals between the sessions.

The lecture room (Photo: Wikimedia Commons)

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