Thursday January 8

Download the book of abstracts (PDF) via this link.

13:00 Lunch
  Session 1 – Chair: Andreas Savin
13:50 Welcome & Opening Words
14:00 Mel Levy
Ground-State Energy as a Simple Sum of Orbital Energies in DFT
14:35 Jan Philip Solovej
Thomas-Fermi Theory revisited
15:10 Florian G. Eich
Density-Functional Theory for Thermoelectric Phenomena
(L3 )
15:45 Coffee
  Session 2 – Chair: Andreas Görling
16:15 Erik Tellgren
Current density functional theory for molecular systems in strong magnetic fields
16:50 Andre Laestadius
Non-existence of a Hohenberg-Kohn Variational Principle in Total Current Density Functional Theory
17:25 David Gontier
Pure-state and mixed-state N-representability in CSDFT
18:00 Break
19:30 Poster Session

Friday January 9

  Session 3 – Chair: Simen Kvaal
09:00 Every Jan Baerends
Orbitals and orbital energies in DFT and TDDFT
09:35 Klaas Giesbertz
Two-body interactions and the physics of natural occupation numbers and amplitudes
10:10 Lin Lin
Compressed representation of Kohn—Sham orbitals via selected columns of the density matrix
10:45 Coffee
  Session 4 – Chair: Eric Cances
11:15 Andreas Savin
Density functional theory without density functionals
11:50 Eric Cances
DFT for disordered materials
12:25 David Tozer
Molecular binding in post-Kohn–Sham orbital-free DFT
13:00 Lunch
  Session 5 – Chair: David Tozer
14:00 Andreas Görling
Density-functional methods based on the adiabatic-connection fluctuation-dissipation theorem combining high accuracy and wide applicability
14:35 Viktor N. Staroverov
Reduction of Wavefunctions to Kohn-Sham Effective Potentials
15:10 Alex Borgoo
Excitation energies from ensemble DFT
15:45 Elisa Rebolini
Molecular excitation energies with a range-separated second-order dynamical Bethe-Salpeter kernel
16:20 Coffee
  Session 6 – Chair: Robert van Leeuwen
16:45 Paola Gori-Giorgi
Exchange-Correlation Functionals from the Strong Coupling Limit of DFT
17:20 Gero Friesecke
Scaling limits of density functional theory: cross-over from from mean field theory to optimal transport
17:55 Huajie Chen
Pair Densities in Density Functional Theory
18:30 Break
19:30 Conference Dinner

Saturday January 10

  Session 7 – Chair: Paola Gori-Giorgi
09:00 Paul W. Ayers
On Degeneracy, Convexity, and Related Issues
09:35 Julien Toulouse
Density-functional theory at noninteger electron numbers
10:10 Ulf Ekström
The universal density functional as an eigenvalue optimization problem
10:45 Coffee
  Session 8 – Chair: Trygve Helgaker
11:15 Markus Penz
The time-dependent potential-density mapping from a density-functional perspective
11:50 Michael Ruggenthaler
Invertibility of the time-dependent potential-density mapping
12:25 Robert van Leeuwen
Fixed-point approach to time-dependent density-functional theory
13:00 Lunch
14:00 End of Workshop / Discussions

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